7 Things for My PLN

December 27, 2008

In response to @bethstill to share 7 things about myself:

1.  I have been teaching 8th Grade Social Studies for 10 years.

2.  Favorite author is Tom Brown Jr. – Attended his Standard Class in 1998

3.  Avid outdoors-man:  hunt, fish, camp, hike, track, birding – you name it

4.  I have been training in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu for 2 years now

5.  Proud father of 2 boys: Andrew (4 years) & Zach (18 months)

6.  Played drums for 9 years in elementary and High School

7.  Eagle Scout


3 Responses to “7 Things for My PLN”

  1. Beth Still said

    Congrats on your first blog post! I think you will find you like blogging. Thanks for replying to my request to learn seven things about you.

  2. Tony Searl said

    Welcome to blogging oswego98 from down under here in Australia

    Good to see you on twitter.

    I also love the great outdoors.

    7 things meme is a bit of fun, check mine out.


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